Wednesday, August 04, 2004


In lieu of writing posting new material, I am giving you the first (and only) poem I wrote specifically for a DPS meeting at New Holland. This was premiered atop a table, yelled at the top of my lungs. That doesn't mean its a great work, but its something.


by Daniel Morrison

What would happen
if you gathered up all
of your footprints? What
size box would they
fill? If you dumped it out where
would they settle?

Would they pave the paths of
presidents, or walk with the
Could you follow them to your future or
would they merely hover around
your history?

Is there a difference
between footprints that walked
the happy times: your 10th birthday,
your new car, your first kiss
and the long, melancholy pacings
of the hard goodbye, the rejection,
the sad funeral?

If you looked at your scattered
footprints, would you like where they
fell, or would you gather up each
one and put them back
where they belong?

Ok everyone, your turn!


Blogger Matt said...

you are making me see things here! What a fascinating idea, collecting our footsteps. Like they were a road map through our life. Love it, espcially when you begin connecting the life events 2/3s through!

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